About us

Smiley Faces School was conceived as a unique destination for meeting not only the Educational needs but also as a one stop place where the student is exposed to 360 degree development activities and at the same time a place which is caring, hygienic & a secure. Our pre-school program enhances a child's innate curiosity and provides rich and carefully resourced environment to stimulate learning and development in children.

To ensure all-round development, we focus on six areas of learning:

  1. Personal, social and emotional development
  2. Language and literacy knowledge
  3. Mathematical understanding
  4. Knowledge and understanding of the world
  5. Physical development
  6. Creative development

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Our mission is to create a school which will act as a facilitator in not only imparting knowledge but also wisdom, that will go a long way in moulding the child's future into responsible citizens of the country.

To inculcate in each child the ideals with which he/she can become global citizens, to provide such unique environment where such talents and ideals are not only encouraged but also rewarded

Hello friends, Let me first thank you for taking time out and visiting our site. It gives me immense pleasure and a sense of fulfillment in knowing that the journey we had started out few years back in establishing Smiley Faces School is bearing fruits of success by way of smiles and happiness on the faces of our young students and their parents.

Numerous studies have shown that the inputs a child receives at a formative stage are critical to his / her long-term development as a responsible and contributing global citizen. We had, therefore, decided to take a lead to catalyze this thought by building an institution of early childhood education incorporating the best global practices, modern teaching methodology, caring & understanding teaching staff, clean & hygienic surroundings and all the latest learning aids to help children achieve their true potential!.

We at Smiley Faces School believe that for all round development of the students, along with good academics she/he should also be socially and physically active to take on the challenges in life. As such, we encourage and organize sports that will not only stimulate theirs minds but also make them physically stronger, we also organize different events to make students aware of their social responsibilities.

Our logo is designed to represents the following aspects

  • Motherly Love, Care & Safety
  • Nurturing
  • All round growth
  • Happiness(Smiley Faces)
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Self-Exploration
  • Green Environment
  • Safety & Hygienic Surroundings

  1. Healthy & Hygienic Environment
  2. Devoted & Caring Teaching Staff
  3. Personal Attention to every Child
  4. Play way method of learning
  5. Implementing new Techniques of E-Learning
  6. Smiley Faces is a homely school
  7. Safe & Secure Neighborhood

Holistic Education

Holistic education is based on the principle that students find identity and purpose in life by connecting to the community, nature, and humanitarian values. The purpose of holistic education is not only to prepare students for academic success, but to also enable them to learn the challenges of living as a whole (learning about themselves, about healthy relationships, about social responsibility, compassion, etc).

Friendly Environment

The environment greatly influences the development of a child, hence it is imperative that the child experiences friendly environment. This, not only stimulates the mind but also greatly helps in molding a child's outlook towards people & places.

Experienced Teachers

While parents are responsible for inculcating positive values & ethics in a child, it's the teacher who is responsible for educating the child and making him/her a better person. We at Smiley Faces, strongly believe that a school is as good as it's teachers! Hence great care is taken while appointing Teachers who will not only teach your child the right things but also teach them to learn, observe, reason and celebrate education in the right manner.

Innovative Teaching Techniques

Children of 21st Century are exceptionally well endowed with reasoning and cognitive features! Their inquisitiveness knows no bounds! hence it's all the more important that the teaching methodology followed to educate such bright stars of tomorrow is also inline with their creative minds. Smiley Faces constantly innovates and follows the best teaching practices.

Safe Neighborhood

With growing incidences of crimes in the society, parents wants their kids to grow up in a safe environment. Smiley Faces by the virtue of it's location right in the heart of a progressive neighborhood is as safe as your home!. The school premises has 24X7 security cover. All the staff is "Female" only & strangers are strictly prohibited from entering the school premises. The safety at Smiley Faces can be gauged from the fact that parents keep their Kids at Smiley Faces Day Care for upto 12 hours! without even worrying about the security aspect!

Clean & Hygienic Surroundings

Great care is taken to keep the school premises Clean & hygienic. A clean & healthy school environment is of paramount importance for the overall healthy growth of young kids. Filtered mineral water is provided to kids. The school premises is sanitized with anti-bacterial dis-disinfectants and the washrooms are also kept in a very clean state.