Daycare Facilities

Where we are!

The Smiley Faces Day Care is housed in a safe and secured environ of Spring Meadows Society, Narhe-Ambegaon. Kindly refer to our homepage for directions.

More about our daycare!

The daycare has ample amount of space for kids to play freely and enjoy their stay at Smiley Faces. The Day Care is equipped with filter water for kids. We also have a clean and hygienic kitchen where we cook nutritious and healty food for kids.

Special care is taken to serve best quality wholesome food to the kids, cooked in the most hygienic way & having the best nutritional values.

Fun Zone

Smiley Faces Day Care offers a safe, secure and nurturing home away from home. Smiley Faces Day Care strongly believes that kids need to be nurtured with great care and affection and for that, along with healy & hygienic environment, quality training and learning aids, it's also important to provide them with great playing arena where they can explore their creative side. We at Smiley Faces Day Care provide quality toys and recreational games to make your lil ones a great Sport!. The staff is loving, caring and always there to look afte your dear one so that no harm comes to them. They are higly trained staff yet it's their love for kids that make them ideal caretakers.

Smiley Faces Day Care Library

Other Faciities

  • E-books collection
  • Large garden with numerous shrubs and plants at entrance.
  • Library with latest educational titles..