Parents Speak

Our first visit When i first visited Smiley Faces, I was really impressed by the hygiene and the clean environment.
Facilities The school is very well equipped with all the relevant teaching aids, the food is also excellent and nutritious and the transport facility is also very good.
Teaching Quality Teaching quality is excellent.
Child's Progress We've observed marked improvement in Bhagya's overall development after joining Smiley Faces School. Earlier she used to not share her things, but thanks to Smiley Faces, she now shares her things with other kids. She has also become more social and loves to interact with other kids.
Suggestion "All is well " no question regarding education.
Overall Experience As compared to other day care centers, Smiley Faces Pre-School/Day care gives healthy food for kids. I strongly recommend Smiley Faces School/Day Care to parents.

Father- Bhagya Khopade - Jr.Kg.

Our first visit Our first visit was very positive and at that very moment we decided to take admission.
Facilities Good. We are happy about school’s attention on cleanliness.
Teaching Quality Good satisfied.
Child's Progress Excellent. My child can read English & Hindi. Follows good manners and also tries to speak small English sentences. He loves to go to school and interact with other students.
Suggestion Try to start other classes.
Overall Experience Compared to other schools, Smiley Faces is very hygienic, clean, events & festivals are celebrated enthusiastically. The school pays good personal attention with very well academic structure, classroom & management.

Mother- Aishwarya Buranpur - Sr.Kg.

Our first visit On our first visit we found the students were playing happily with Teachers looking after them.
Facilities Good. School is very clean.
Teaching Quality Good, satisfied.
Child's Progress Major change is, our child is now interacting with other children and enjoys going to school everyday.
Suggestion All Good.
Overall Experience They have plenty of games and most importantly the teachers are vey warm and caring. Smiley Faces School is like a family where everybody is very friendly and the school has a very healthy atmosphere.

Father- Devansh Kakade - Nursery.

Our first visit Smiley Faces School looks neat & clean, very pleasant premises.
Facilities School is adding more facilities. The school is very hygienic.
Teaching Quality Good, satisfied.
Child's Progress Excellent progress of our child & we are very satisfied by this. Our child has tremendous improvement in communication, cleanliness, studying and has inculcated good habits.
Suggestion Start higher classes.
Overall Experience Smiley Faces always communicates with us properly & they are always in touch with us. The school infrastructure is also very good. They are very caring and the staff is also very good and well mannered.

Mother- Dhruv N. Badage - Jr.Kg.